Phillip Wasserman Professional Biography

Phillip Wasserman received a Law degree in 1983 from Stetson university in St Petersburg Florida. When he moved to Florida in 1979, the state headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan was in a large building on US 19 in Palm harbor.

Phillip had long hair and a hatred for injustice and racial intolerance. He interned at the Homicide Division of the Philadelphia State Attorney’s office, during that period he was 19 years old and went from being anti death penalty to a believer in not just the electric chair, but electric bleachers too. However, he saw the injustice in Florida, especially towards blacks and poor people.

Phillip had the best trial record in the state and maybe even the whole country. While he practiced in almost 100 jury trials, the state and judges hated him, but he wouldn’t roll over. He was used to the court personel asking him why he cared so much. The truth is Phillip saw the system treat people like cattle to get through overcrowded court docket, as a result Phillip sued various politicians because he wasn’t afraid of anyone. He even sued a powerful congressman who covered up a family rape and a Lieutenant governor in Florida, whose daughter lost a child custody case to one of Phillip’s clients.

Phillip became an enemy of the sate and was on national television and newspapers for high profile cases. Some of Phillip’s clients included major league baseball players and state troopers, he was the one the police called for help.

In the 80s and 90s judicial corruption was rampant in parts of Florida, as Phillip Wasserman fought it, he became a target of the Florida bar. He was suspended for fighting with Bonnie Newton, a judge who shortly after suspending him was reprimanded by the supreme court and forced to retire for abusing her authority.

When Phillip called the chief judge of Tampa a crook, the Florida bar sought to disbar him for impugning the integrity of a tribunal. That’s when Phillip Wasserman resigned.

Two years after resigning, the judge he called a crook, Dennis Alvarez, resigned under FBI investigation.

During that time a state attorneys wife was being continually arrested for DUI and never charged and a chief judge’s son was arrested 5 times for DUI. Most of Tampa’s judges resigned under criminal investigation.

A former Tampa judge and state attorney, Harry Coe, committed suicide under investigation.

A former chief judge and appellate court judge, David Patterson, committed suicide after improprieties and domestic abuse allegations.

Richard Frank, an appellate judge who commented badly about Phillip Wasserman in a hearing case, retired before being disciplined for lying under oath. (Second district court of appeal)

And there’s more.

A Sarasota judge would be drinking on the bench, and all of her fellow judges knew she was drunk but none reported it. Judge Evelyn Gobbie tried to fix that. She asked an attorney who is now a judge during a hearing, “Do you see those flying blue shoes?” because she was drunk on the bench!

It was a good old boy cesspool comprised of racists, bullies, criminals, and drunks. If you don’t believe it, you can google “Greg Holder of Tampa” and his fight to clean it up.

After Phillip resigned, two more judges were relieved of duty for public intoxication.

There was also a retired high ranking military officer who was using his courthouse office and computer to watch porn, he infected the courthouse computer system with viruses.

Every case is in Public record. Google it!

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