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Recently, we have all witnessed a dramatic change in the attitudes people have about their money. Investors have begun seeking ways to properly eliminate risk and preserve long-term, guaranteed growth. […]

Phillip Wasserman article about insurance & income

Over the years, every piece of research I’ve read shows how important it is to guarantee your income. This is more important today because of market volatility, low interest rates, […]

Phillip Wasserman life insurance

Designed as an alternative investment vehicle and gaining in popularity. For people who want the opportunity for growth in their cash value or death benefit without market risk. An investment […]

Phillip Wasserman

Phil Wasserman meets frequently with people who have questions about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). He wanted to explain the various types of IRAs and the details included. some of the […]

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ADVERTORIAL—Although many people who own annuities never think about this, the tax consequences of dying with an annuity are punishing, so Phil Wasserman of American Tax & Annuity Advisors outlines […]