About Phillip Wasserman

When Phillip Wasserman arrived at Stetson University in 1979, the long-haired aspiring attorney already had a severe disdain for injustice and racial intolerance. At the time, the state headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan was in a large building on US 19 in Palm Harbor. When he earned his law degree in 1983, Wasserman had seen enough injustice in Florida, especially towards black and poor people.

This wasn’t his first formative experience in law, though. Before he became a practicing attorney, Phillip interned at the Philadelphia State Attorney’s homicide division. These two experiences shaped his views towards law.

Once he began practicing law, Phillip Wasserman excelled in jury trials. He practiced over 100 jury trials–amassing the best trial record in the state. The state and judges despised him, but he wouldn’t roll over. Court personnel asked him why he cared so often that Phil eventually became used to the question in the way you might react to “how is your day.” But he cared because he became accustomed to seeing the system treat people like cattle as they moved through the overcrowded court docket. This spurred Phillip on to fearlessly sue various politicians–even taking on powerful members of Congress for grave crimes.

As the state zeroed in on him more, Phillip’s clients grew in notoriety to include major league baseball players and state troopers. At the same time, Phillip Wasserman engaged in cleaning up the state’s judicial corruption that ran rampant in the ’80s and ’90s. After a series of clashes with Florida bar and judicial figures, he resigned.

As time moved along, Phil Wasserman’s bold stances proved to be true as several high ranking officials left their positions due to the misdoings.

Today, he is a financial and retirement planning consultant that has helped thousands of retirees plan for their future. Phillip knows how to achieve financial security for retirees and continues to be a leader in the industry.

Phillip’s passion and determination to help retirees choose the right retirement plan and annuities has paved a strong foundation for his successes in finance. Phillip Wasserman has been the President of American Tax & Annuity Advisors for over six years, and former President of Phillip Roy Financial Services for more than twenty-five years. His extensive experience and commitment to work has enabled him to build exceptional client relationships doing we he loves best.

When not working in the finance and retirement sectors, Phillip Wasserman is an avid philanthropist. His love for canines prompted him to found Snowflake’s Dog Rescue in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. The philanthropy’s mission is to find FURever homes for the thousands of great dogs being abandoned and turned in by their owner to shelters–saving them from a lonely demise in the kennels.